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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Once More Unto the Breach

It is now the spring of 2012; it has been fifteen months since my first and heretofore last post. But I'm back. And the first thing I'm going to attempt to do with Permanent Beta [redux] is use it to organize the sites I have bookmarked for reference on Google Chrome. I'll also try to make that fun for you.

I'm a bookmark junkie. I hoard them. Whenever something on the internet interests me- not so much that I can justify printing an entire article, but just enough that the thought of losing it forever is too much to bear- I bookmark it. As you might imagine, the percentage of these bookmarks I revisit is small. I convince myself it's worth it because when I finally do sit down to write that play all these articles will surely come in handy. But Google Chrome's current bookmark setup (of files and folders) isn't good for reference; I'd rather use tags.

For now, the posts will be coming fast, so I can get through all of my current bookmarks. Rebuttals to anything and everything are welcome, and if you have a link you think I'd like, please send it my way! I'll also try to post things that aren't related to anything you might find on the internet (once you discount the fact that the internet is where you've found the post).

And please, tag away!

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